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Yin and Yang are key concepts that 縮陰產品 emerged in Taoism in the 3rd or 4th centuries BC in China. Yin is usually associated with female energy, which is a reflexive and introverted facet of activity or personality; while Ian, associated with male energy, refers to strength and action. Taois note that Yin and Yang, being opposites, are complementary forces such as day and night, winter and summer, feminine and masculine.

In the workplace, Yang is a business, and Yin is the emotion behind it. There are four scenarios possible:

  1. Yang, Little Yin. The boss and staff fill their schedules with meetings, phone calls, emails, documents and everything else. They don’t leave their jobs at lunchtime, they don’t leave the office until 6 p.m. Blackberry, iPhone and laptops are always on, even on vacation! They are busy, exhausted and suspicious. The question is above their heads: what is this for?
  2. Negative yin – there are several reasons for this: “what is it for?” Pay bills, go on vacation, stay at work and, of course, continue to live. If these are the main emotions that bother the boss and employees, then they are motivated by negative energy: fear. Fear of losing your job and business. Fear of debt. Fear of losing. What will fear lead to in the company and in the workplace?
  3. Yin, little Yang – Let’s change the situation. After a team call and team-building exercises, the boss and staff are emotionally uplifted. They reformulated the way of thinking. They changed the language used. They are positive. After a week or two, when the excitement subsides, they ask: What now? Without action, emotions would quickly diminish like a deflated balloon.
  1. Yin and Yang – Business in the workplace is determined by mission. Not a long mission that no one remembers. Less than 10 words and everyone understands that they exist to make a difference: whether it’s the market, people, society or the environment. Hard work. Even madness. But they remember what the company is and what it is doing.

How do Yin and Yang work?

The chief speaker and leadership specialist of Chinese origin with 20 years of experience in the UK, Joanna Tong, author of this article, introduces business leaders and managers to the “Leadership of the Dragon” approach. Unlike Western systems and procedures, Dragon Leadership is a value-based approach based on Chinese principles that have stood the test of time for 3,000 years.

Joanna was the first British speaker at the Diversity Leadership Conference in the United States, the first British ethnic minority project manager to lead economic projects worth 35 million pounds, and the winner of all the first North West Women Achievement Awards. She used ancient Chinese wisdom to reverse projects worth 10 to 35 million pounds.

Every year, men and women complain of hair loss and baldness. This problem can make you forget about your appearance. According to medical studies, hair loss is familiar. Some people take medications and formulas to restore hair growth to control hair loss, they can not restore thicker and thicker hair. There are five effective methods or techniques you can follow to grow more hair.


One of the main causes of baldness is insufficient blood flow to the scalp. The tone of the capillaries and muscles of the scalp is reduced, which prevents the continuation of blood flow. Inversion means flipping the body to circulate blood to the head. It’s so simple, just hang your body on the edge of the bed. Lie on your stomach and allow the upper body to hang against the floor so that the head is at the lowest point. This provides constant blood supply to the head and helps restore hair growth.


Another thing to consider is your diet. The food you eat will reflect your appearance. If you like to eat fat and oil, your body accumulates them and can aggravate the oily scalp. Instead of fatty foods, eat meat and a high-fiber diet and increase your intake of multivitamins rich in biotin and zinc. These are important nutrients that hair needs. Adjusting your diet can be difficult, but stay motivated because eating the right food will benefit your body in the long run.

Vital energy

Vital energy is fuel for the body. The Chinese usually call it qi, and Indians – prana. It has two forms: Yin means cooling, and Yang means heating. You must maintain the balance of these two energies to keep your body healthy. The reason for thinning hair – excessive or excessive energy Jan. When you consume foods such as meat and nuts, Yang’s energy increases. Hair is associated with Yin energy. You should eat fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. You can also eat soy, tofu, avocado, tomato, bananas, celery, cucumbers and other fruits. Don’t eat too many burgers, pizzas, steaks, fried chicken and foods that are high in fat and oil.

If you are not used to eating fruits and vegetables, you can use a blender and mix vegetables or fruits together. You can add this drink to your food to keep your hair healthy and keep them under control.

Avoid toxins

Common sense is that to maintain the health of the body you have to remove all toxins from the body. The two main sources of toxins are alcohol consumption and smoking. If you want to grow your hair healthy, stop smoking. You should also reduce your alcohol intake to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body. A balanced diet is the best way.

A stress-free lifestyle

You have learned that the cause of thinning hair is poor blood flow in the scalp. Another effective way to improve circulation in the scalp is to learn how to cope with your daily stress. Stress and tension can reduce the muscles of the scalp and prevent the constant flow of blood to it. Insufficient blood supply and insufficient nutrients can predispose your hair follicles to disrupt their normal function.

Everyone is stressed, even if you are a student or an employee. It is normal to experience depression and stress due to tight schedules and deadlines. Adopt effective stress management techniques to reduce frustration. Be more relaxed and lead a carefree lifestyle.

We can all prevent hair loss by understanding the various factors that can cause it. Do not aggravate the situation, immediately look for solutions, going to a doctor’s consultation.

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