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Book Revue of Nine Dragon by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch works with an excellent team of crime fighters in Los Angeles. He calls to investigate the murder in South Los Angeles, which leads him to Fortune Liquors. Bosch remembered the Chinese owner who had been shot a few years earlier. But then the master gave him a matchbox; “A happy person who finds refuge in himself.” Bosch always took a matchbox with him. This slogan helped Bosch, and he regarded it as kindness on Mr. Lee’s part.

CCTV footage from the liquor store, as well as interviews with Lee’s son, help Bosch and his partner Iggy Ferras come to the conclusion that the shooter may have come there for protection or for a bribe. This Chinese man has been identified as Jing Chang. He was part of the triad. The Triad is a type of mafia group or criminal syndicate with roots in Hong Kong. The Chinese triads were the focus of the LAPD’s Unit on the Detection of Asian Gangs, so Bosch teamed up with a detective named David Chu. At first there were suspicions, but in the end they worked together.

Harry then receives a report that his daughter, who lives in Hong Kong, has suddenly disappeared from her home. Maddie lives with her mother. He immediately thinks that there may be some connection between the liquor store and his child. He stops what he does and flies to the Imperial City in search of his daughter.

Detective Harry Bosch challenges the Chinese triad at the source. Now it’s become his own business. His ex-wife is delirious. Harry was briefly married to former FBI agent Eleanor Wish. They had a child, but Bosch recognized her only after their divorce. Eleanor first lived in Vegas, then moved to China to work in a casino in Macau. Harry has only recently met his daughter. Now he loved her. They regularly called each other and corresponded. He definitely didn’t want anything to happen to him right now.

Harry jumped right into the dangerous areas of the city. Kowloon was the place where most of the triads were located. He was allowed to observe activities related to the Festival of Hungry Ghosts.

One thing he did to Matty: he innocently sent her pictures of the victim’s cancerous lung to warn a relative about the dangers of smoking. He also asked her to transfer a tattoo on Lee’s ankles from his open case. He sent a photo of his daughter speaking Chinese in the hope that she could interpret it. Maddie was a smart teenager.

Unbeknownst to the Hong Kong authorities, Harry breaks the locks and shoots the bad guys. His ex-wife was killed in a shootout. Finally found her daughter. She was kidnapped by Chinese triads. When he found him, he was rescued and put in the trunk of the car. Harry and Maddie are heading to the airport. She will now live with Bosch in Los Angeles.

Back in Los Angeles, Bosch discovers that nothing has changed in the Fortune Liquors case, as Iggy did not work on the weekends. Harry angrily tells Iggy that he is going to find a new partner. The local police were unable to apprehend the accused and he was subsequently released on bail. He ran away from the country. The Hong Kong police station then arrives to request Bosch’s extradition. Bosch leads his lawyer, his half-brother Mickey Haller, to a meeting with the Chinese. Haller threatens to turn the case into a media report on the dangers faced by American citizens in Hong Kong. The police squad leaves without charge. They also agree to release Sun Yi, who helped Harry.

Then a special technique of extracting a fingerprint from the found shell eventually goes to the screenwriter Henry Lau, not the man from the triad. Bosch and Chu visit him. They’ll find out that Lau didn’t know the gun was borrowed from his bedside table. Bosch sees Lau receive a framed college degree, the same year of study and graduation from Robert Lee’s office. All three came together to play cards regularly.

Bosch and Chu arrest Lam, who is considered a murderer. Lam admits that his father’s murder was a conspiracy. His sister Mia planned it all. Then Robert had the idea to pass him off as a murder in a triad. Iggy goes to arrest Robert Lee, but Mia shoots him. Then she commits suicide.

Maddie later tells her father that the kidnapping was originally a fake. She tried to convince her mother to let her live with Harry in Los Angeles. The brother of a friend kidnapped her to get money from the triad. Finally, the triad knocked him down. Maddie blames herself for her mother’s death. Harry then promised to help him correct his past mistakes and feel good.

This novel is fast and interesting will keep you informed. However, you wonder why your son and daughter had a parent just because he refused to close a loss-making store in the old block.

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