House Break Your Italian Greyhound

Burglary is one of the reasons why Italian greyhounds turn to the rescue service. When I had my first Italian greyhound almost a decade ago, it was so good that I had no idea that Iggy’s other parents were pulling their hair out of the toilet because of accidents at home. However, when I joined IG Rescue and adopted Iggy’s male, I was disappointed by many other Italian greyhound owners.

Over the years I have found information that helps break down Italian greyhounds, and wanted to share it with Iggy’s other parents.

For example, let’s see how long it takes to accustom a child to a pot – a few years. A toy dog will grow slower than a big dog, such as a German dog, and we need to be patient. Puppies should be on the pot every two to four hours for six to nine months. If you are unavailable for your dog around the clock and without days off, you will need to find a nurse who will walk your Iggy while you are at work. An alternative can be a good shelter for dogs with separate rooms for large and small dogs.

Many people preach that the use of boxes is the end, and they all need home-schooling because dogs “don’t get dirty where they sleep or eat.” However, this is not quite so, because if the dog needs to leave, it has no choice but to stain the cage. It’s not the dogs’ fault. Mother Nature determines when your puppy’s body will ripen. As a companion parent, we also have a responsibility to ensure that puppies can go to the pot when they need to pee or defecate!

An alternative to a simple box is an X-Pen with a can box, papers or jars around the drawer. Watch your puppy and take it outside after eating or limit it to using X-pen. Your dog will soon begin to understand the right pots. Do not scold or beat your sensitive Iggy during home training, it will only make the situation worse.

I’ve found that it’s best not to give the dog full access to your house until you know that she or she understands what’s appropriate and that it’s going to come out on paper or come out. Let’s face it – Italian greyhounds DON’t like bad weather, and I know that my IG can break indoors in bad weather. It will be easier to keep the house clean if your dog has also trained in boxing.

If accidents do happen, remember that your Italian greyhound is not bad and inexperienced. We don’t want to leave the house in very cold weather, otherwise it won’t rain. You CAN smash your Italian greyhound with patience and love. I’ve had a lot of other Italian greyhound owners.

Administering Subcutaneous Fluids to Your Cat – You Can Do This!

Carol is my cat’s nanny, and her cat Sasha was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. It appears that 15-year-old Sasha has experienced a health signal – she has asthma, diabetes (now solved) and her veterinarian believes she has cancer, although no tests were conducted at 15 to confirm this. Shortly after her recent visit to the vet with Sasha Carol turned to me to help her give Sasha fluids. Of course I was pleased. Carol, who was naturally very upset, thought that when she tried it herself, she hurt Sasha with a needle, and felt discouraged.

For the first few days, I gave fluid to Sasha while Carol was watching. After the first day, Carol emailed me to tell me that Sasha had become the new cat lady. She was cheerful, ate well and slept with Carol for the first time in a few days. One day she got sick and before returning home to drink liquids, she slept alone in the living room, while Carol and her other rather funny and charming cat, Echo, slept in the bedroom. It was music to their ears, although it’s not the first time I’ve heard this from a client who injects cat fluids under their skin – treatment can really help a cat feel better very quickly.

Carol, a brave soul, decided a few days later to give Sasha fluids while I supported her. Not only did she succeed, but she did it perfectly – without hesitation, without the beeps from Sasha, and the liquid flowed very quickly. I was amazed and for a moment thought I was representing it. I told Carol that she was doing it as a professional and asked her how she went from fearing to harm Sasha to introducing fluids as a veterinarian. She just said she was watching me closely while I was fighting Sasha. To be honest, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, because it usually takes a few tries for a person with my help to do it right, but Carol had an innate ability to do it. She reminded me that Sasha had been injecting insulin for a while, and although there is a link, I believe that fluid administration requires greater concentration and coordination.

For cats with kidney disease, fluid therapy helps stimulate urination, maintain hydration and maintain low levels of toxins in the blood. Hydraulic therapy corrects acid-alkaline imbalance and helps to restore normal levels of phosphorus and potassium. This is very important because increasing phosphorus levels and lowering potassium levels can accelerate the progression of kidney damage. In this section, I provide Arnold Carpenter, MS, DVM, ACVIM, ABVP, Manhattan Cat Specialists, with information on the benefits of liquid therapy. Dr. Carpenter has been my veterinarian since opening his practice in New York city in 2003. The MCS website has many valuable articles about the health, well-being and behavior of cats.

My dear friend and for me a lovely cat nanny in the Greater queens, New York city, Barbara, was the proud personality of her cat Iggy. Iggy, Iggy, Iggy were character characters and a cute funny soul who didn’t even think of lying in a tiny bread basket (he was a good size) on the dining table while we were eating. Iggy also had kidney disease, and when I met Barbara, she took him to the vet for a drink two or three times a week. Barbara hired me to look after Iggy many years ago in her absence, and all the while I had to take her to the vet for fluids. I had a better idea of drinking it myself without leaving his house. Since I was in the early stages of introducing fluid to sharp cats, it didn’t work! He didn’t have it, but Liz, a soul mate and excellent veterinarian in the area (words really can’t describe his ability to whisper cats), came the next day and fed him moisture in his house. She inserted the needle, and he kept getting up, so I took a bag of liquid, and she followed him to the apartment to make sure the needle didn’t fall out. Good luck!! When Barbara came back, Liz taught Barbara how to inject Iggy’s fluids, and they set up a bed mode with treats and everything. Never in a million years did I think Iggy would be able to stay home to hydrate.

I think the shock of hearing that your furry baby has kidney disease can be devastating. I experienced it firsthand with my daughter Rosie. In addition, your veterinarian often recommends moisturizing procedures at home. “Okay, doctor, are you suggesting that I stick a needle in my own cat to inject fluids?” I’m going to hurt her, and I can’t do it alone. ‘

I have to step in, scared cat. You can do it! I’ve worked with a wide variety of people, young, older, shy, aggressive, passive, intense – and, with one or two exceptions, each of these cat lovers has successfully learned to give their cats fluids.

Your veterinarian’s staff will provide you with a basic guide on how to accomplish this seemingly frightening new task. And like everyone else, there are things in the box. I give my students advice and tricks on smooth administration, how to do it effectively enough, without much difficulty on the part of their members of the feline family. There are ways to ensure a fast and stable flow, as well as the most suitable poses and places for cats in the house.

The introduction of fluid, along with nutrition and chemical treatment, can be invaluable in the treatment of kidney disease in cats. If your cat is diagnosed with kidney disease, consider following your veterinarian’s treatment protocol. I know that it has extended the life of (quality) to so many cats, and I have direct experience of slowing the progression of this common cat disease.

Do you need help learning how to give fluids to your cat family baby? Feel free to contact me. Most importantly, we’d love to hear your success stories and ideas on how you gave fluids to your cats. Let us help those who are doubtful and afraid to overcome this obstacle.

Leadership – Tale of Two Cats and Two Dogs

Molly was a German Shepherd like Jerry Lee: a medium brown body and a black snout. She was a pound, a young man who lived with him in a truck of a homeless and unemployed Westerner. Molly hunted animals for her lunch and probably shared it. She was a proud cold-blooded bitch, a good guard dog, but with ducks she couldn’t be trusted until I took it from her. She was the boss.

Little Dude was a hungry and beaten tramp from a convenience store on an Indian reservation. When the baby arrived, Molly was there for a while: it was in the premises of the German. Little Dude was partly the same as Sheppard Molly, and partly a little less, perhaps Pitbull. People thought it was her puppy, so they looked alike. How he loved his domineering wife. Rookie of the year did not want to wear a collar and nibble the collars of other dogs around their necks. I suspected that someone was holding his collar and hitting him. He winced. When you stroked him, he made sounds as if you were torturing him: these sounds simultaneously sounded vile, growling. He was a student. He whimpered a lot. He barked at random.

Similarly, Owley was the oldest cat. He and Iggy were the product of a gentle Himalayan cat who frequented wild farm pussies: genetically excellent cats from the mainland: thin, long tails, razor-sharp claws, elongated faces, very short fur and long legs – truly wild and impossible to tame by conventional effort. Over the years, Himalayan blood softened the genetic makeup, so Owley – named so because his fur was so thick that when he turned his head, he looked like an owl turning his head: feathers straight – Owley entered the house and did not do so. I haven’t peded the floor yet. He succeeded, but I decided to tame him because he was handsome. Taming was a mutual test.

Iggy was smaller and didn’t look too obvious, but there was another farmer who didn’t pock on the ground at all. Iggy was the youngest, he turned to his boss, the cat. It looked like a pale imitation of an elderly resident: less distinct marks, shorter fur, softer gray and white than its cohort.

Molly and Owley suffered the same fate: they were killed by rural rubies in the west who prey on the pets of their superiors.

Little Dude became the dog that every man wanted and admired: he skillfully keeps silent and turns it off, and also makes a smart voice where he used to bark at random. Now he’s a prize that was a sidekick to his companion.

Iggy became the main cat of a pack of (now tamed) kittens: 8 of them in a close-knit family. It was only when Iggy became ill with diabetes and began to live with the veterinarian, because the burden of leadership was too heavy for his weak body, did I realize how strong Iggy was in his feline family: they lost their political unity, and each went their own way: no hugs “eight by one plus”. Iggy took Aully’s leadership position so transparently that no one noticed his speech.

It’s nice to know that if it weren’t for the deaths of Molly and Owley, Lil Dowd and Iggy would have remained vice presidents and developed a full-fledged personality that is related to responsibility.

Trainspotting Analysis

Trainspotting is an adaptation of Irwin Welsh’s novel, created by the film crew of Shallow Grave writer John Hedge, producer Andrew McDonald and director Danny Boyle, giving us unforgettable characters and moments. Ian McGregor plays Renton, a casual heroin addict who can’t decide whether to clean or retreat in the company of his lost friends in Edinburgh and then London. The film was shot in 1996.

In fact, the game on the needle is called a session of dark linear marker or trace left in the veins after the injection of heroin. First, heroin users pass through their hands and inject themselves up and down into the main vein. They call it “station to station.” For drug addicts, it all comes down to one goal – to take drugs. These are the “pathfinders” who obsessively reduce the number of trains.

All five main characters of this film – men suffering from life-threatening drug addiction. The films “On the Needle” can be divided into four types: drama, comedy, crime and drug culture. “On the Needle” is classified as a drama because it is a serious story due to addiction and various scenes showing real addicts and graphic images of heroin injections. On the other hand, it could be classified as a comedy, especially when Spade is in a hurry for interviews and other funny moments that underline the seriousness of the film. It can be called black humor. Playing on the needle, of course, can go beyond the criminal genre and drug culture because of the history itself and the characters, and this film gives us a very bright and real picture of the daily routine of the heroin addict. a well-known quote means a lot. Trainspotting presents those who need to understand that they choose life; is it written for them this sentence and for whom these people live a less ordinary life? They are addicted to Scotland and live in sync to get what they need. For three heroines – it’s a form of addiction, another passivity and the last aggression. It’s a crazy quintet, leading a life that can mean anything.

First, we are introduced to our humble narrator Renton (McGregor). We see that he goes nowhere, steals CDs from the store in the hope of earning some money to pay for the next hit. His home away from home is the apartment of a drug dealer (the eldest mother), where he and his best friends Sick (Miller) and Spad (Bremner) receives a regular bowl of needles, spoon, lighter and heroin. They are as delicate as he is, although Recession is helpless in its addiction, while Sick Boy exists only to compare metaphorical measures.

In the films about drug addiction, of course, there is nothing new, but in this film everything looks different, as if it is the first film dedicated to this topic. Playing on a needle is bold and often fun; he is dark, intelligent and self-confident. This is more than one of the best drug movies ever made; this is probably the best film from the UK

Ian McGregor plays the main character; Mark Renton. It features the film “On the Needle” with an extremely energetic scene, an old scene accompanied by Iggy Pop’s “The Thirst for Life” and the sarcastic story of Renton, who rejects our weak and mechanical existence in favor of the joys of heroin. Iggy Pop is Renton’s hero. He even has his poster in the room. When he leaves, we find that his habit of heroin has been preserved for a long time, because he will not recognize any of the new songs of the club. Diane points it out to him, and Renton begins to realize that the heroine has brought so much into her life.

“People associate it with unhappiness, despair and death, it should not be ignored. But what they forget is fun, otherwise we wouldn’t.” He is undoubtedly shocked by society and by the materialistic satisfaction it offers. Later, he compares the heroine: “Imagine the best orgasm you’ve ever had, and multiply it by a thousand, and you’re not even there.” However, after a few minutes in the film, he decides to stop the heroine. Viewers may conclude that it’s time to move on with life, but he couldn’t live without heroin, as we see through the film as his various unsuccessful attempts to give up his habit.

Renton is very addicted to drugs and because of his unemployment is forced to survive shoplifting and petty theft. While he was taking methadone, he was given a “last vaccination” that led to an overdose. It’s just an attempt to evade the rules. Actually, it is this decisive position can explain the heroine in relation to Renton. He says: “We would have administered vitamin C if they had declared it illegal.”

Even if he manages to overcome his heroin addiction and start a new life in London, his old circle of friends is not easy to lose, and Renton participates in a drug deal and sells 4 kilograms of heroin to his ‘so-called’ friends. . Towards the end of the film, he betrays the others, running away with money. It shows viewers that he has decided to “choose life,” to be “like us,” which is a dubious goal; qualities that the film constantly calls into question

Renton is dreamy, lively, restless and calm, seemingly all at once, and you never know where you are with him, because he never knows where he is with himself. This is a low-key image of the character, which, in fact, is devoid of roots, but, nevertheless, attractive.

Johnny Lee Miller plays a sick boy who is described as a handsome boy who has a habit of talking nonsense and bombarding his friends with trifles about Sean Connery. He’s an ambitious James Bond catcher, very smart. The sick boy seems to be the least affected by heroin addiction. In fact, when Renton tries to stop the heroine, the patient does the same to avenge him. In the film “Sick Boy on the Needle” is someone who downplays the importance of the heroine and, unlike the rest of the team, does not seem to have any problems with his addiction.

“The film only deals with the question of how real his personality is, or just social cover-up.” The behavior of the Sick Boy in the last parts of the film shows how the death of the child affected him and made him more vulnerable to crime. He begins to sell drugs, pimp and becomes a versatile conman. Renton claims that when the sick boy’s child died, something in the Sick should have died and never returned.

Review: Broncho

Broncho (pronounced BRON-CHO) is a byproduct of Ryan Lindsay’s solo career. One day, Ryan had the opportunity to record songs for a film project about a fictional punk band. Ryan took the opportunity to enlist the musical services of Jonathon Ford (Sailor Without Marriage, Native Lights), Ben King (Return Division, Hero Factor) and Nathan Price (Return Division, Vandewander). As soon as the band was formed, the band began composing and recording music for this opportunity to “shoot in the dark”.

After several rehearsals, the band recorded their debut album “Can’t Get Past The Lips” at the legendary Church Studios, home to Leon Russell, Shelter Records and Dwight Twilly. Time was meticulously spent on every minute of detail in terms of the sound you were asking for. The result is a great 10-song series lasting just over 20 minutes.

It is best to describe this record correctly: “70s Punk” (Ramones, MC5) vs. “The Ringing Rock of the 80s” (early R.E.M., The Replacements). They take the best of two decades and leave their own mark on it.

Highlights include guitar and bass parts in “Pick A Fight,” Devo-style drums on “Insert Coin” and the guitar anthem “Try Me Out Sometime”. This record could well be a great resource for advertising companies looking for interesting music to sell different products or launch new campaigns. It could well have been in the same conversation with bands such as Dum Dum Girls, Pomplamoose or The Black Keys.

The songs are short, the instrumentation is included, the vocals are memorable. The sophistication stems from the fact that the band and the producer worked hard to recreate the sound of the pioneers of the time. Careful selection of the right microphones, guitars and effects combined with the attentive attention of the producers shows why this album is a real gem.

The last part of the Broncho puzzle is a lot of travel and finding the right people to bet with the right advertising places.

Rock Stars Who Walk on the Tame Side

Glad I’ve never been a fan of Iggy Pop in the UK. Every time I saw swiftcover’s current ad campaign of the former wild car insurance guy The Stooges, I fell into depression. In any case, the fact that Johnny Rotten is adding Country Life oil here doesn’t seem like a big deal; There was always something vaudeville in it. But it’s time to put your shirt back on, Iggy.

Nowadays, every rapper is covered with sequins, and all the singers are dressed in high fashion. But when I was young, my peers and I shared the fantasy that the music we love is not part of a profitable industry like any other commercial activity. It was part of the youth revolution, man. Ah, the innocence of youth.

Music may always come first, but as soon as the musician started his career, he had to raise ex-wives, needed tap managers, and record companies calmed down for the next album.

For your favorite artist or band it was normal to live a rich life, spending money on fast cars, motorcycles and models.

In fact, Eric Clapton wore Armanis – always well-dressed bluesmen. But her gypsy drummer at Cream, Ginger Baker, was a big fan of horse polo shirts. Alice Cooper loved golf. It seemed almost as absurd as George Harrison’s fascination with racing and Mick Jagger’s passion for cricket.

Everything Bob Dylan did, say, to find a country, a western or a religion, was good because he was Dylan. However, fans of life had to take a deep breath when he appeared in the advertisement Victoria’s Secret.

David Bowie paid off when the star of the ziggy Stardust Little Drummer Boy performed with Bing Crosby. He also did not embarrass fans with his cinematic work, unlike Dylan and Jagger.

However, you can go too far in authenticity by leading a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Club 27 members – Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain – could now sell car insurance if they lived 28 years or older.

I’m sure the family and the fans are praying about it. So I’m taking it back. It’s easy money, come on, Iggy, you deserve a performance.

Iggy’s New Toy

After years of dedicated service, I recently realized that it was time to exchange my old trusty cell phone. Despite the ridicule of friends, I saved my big old phone after my phone company provided me with a free upgrade. It always worked reliably, and more importantly, I knew exactly where I was when I started using it.

As you may have guessed, I like my gadgets and I was very excited about the prospect of getting a new phone, especially with the incredible number of features that are now available on the latest phones. After much research, I chose the Sony Ericsson K750i with a color screen, a digital camera (with a panorama function), video recording, Bluetooth connectivity, Internet access, MP3 player and FM radio. It also allows me to use a separate memory card of up to 1GB, allowing me to store tons of photos, songs and videos. He called too!

After getting the phone, I started digging into the awesome prospect of learning how to use this thing. The first thing I had to do was dial all my phone numbers. After reviewing the manual, I found that it was possible to copy my address book directly from Microsoft Outlook on my computer to my phone, which eliminates the need to manually enter all my phone numbers. It will save me a lot of time if I can make it work!

All I had to do was install the phone’s software on my computer with the attached CD and connect the phone to the computer using the attached cable to transmit data. I also had the ability to connect the phone to my computer wirelessly, using bluetooth to connect to my computer, it looked great, but meant to buy a Usb Bluetooth key for my computer, so I decided to leave it for later.

Since these things don’t usually work the first time, I decided I’d follow the instructions on the ground and not just dive as usual! To my surprise, after taking the steps described in the quick installation guide, it really worked! it really was so simple, my phone was connected to my computer and it worked. I made several changes to the settings (as stated in the instructions) in the mobile phone software, and within seconds all my phone numbers and addresses were copied to my phone! The great thing here is that now I can update every new person and phone number on my phone and on my computer at the same time, all I have to do is connect the phone to the computer, and the button will automatically update my computer information. about my computer. phone or vice versa.

Then I became even more adventurous and thought I’d try to include music in my phone. I’ve never used an MP3, but I’ve heard a lot about it, and as mentioned, I had music on my phone for 5 minutes! That sounds good. Using the camera is also convenient, simple, and sometimes convenient, as you don’t need to bring a separate digital camera for photos.

What surprised me was how simple it was. I avoided changing phones mainly because it didn’t feel complicated, but in fact it was easier to configure than my old phone, which was so simple compared to it. In less than an hour I recharged the battery, added my long list of contacts and meetings to the phone calendar and recorded a few songs. Brilliantly!

Now all I have to do is increase the phone’s memory, since the few numbers I typed into the phone have already used up most of the memory that comes with the phone for free. Apparently I just need to buy a memory card and insert it into the phone, then enjoy, soon try.

Iggy discovers – What to Do with His Photos

After years of digital photography, I’ve collected a large number of photos that I’ve safely stored on the external hard drive. I printed some of the best and kept them in the album for clippings to save them, I also made several calendars using a set of calendars combined with a number of my favorite photos.

Last Christmas I also provided a very interesting (don’t laugh) slideshow for my family (using the Sandisk photo album). But what other options do I have to help me view my other photos since most of them are currently on my hard drive in binary form, most of them are invisible. After studying the Internet, I discovered for the first time the incredible innovation of digital photo frames! These handy devices are small, framed flat screens.

After connecting to your computer or installing a memory card, the photo frame is displayed and scrolls through all the photos on the memory card. Currently, there are many digital photo frames available at different prices, the cheapest I found cost about 70 pounds for a 5.6-inch frame and about 150 pounds for a 7-inch frame. These prices will fall over the next two years as the cost of producing color displays will decrease. I could choose one of these devices if this happens.

The next topic I encountered were online photo album services, they seem to have appeared all over the Internet, many offer an easy way to publish photos online so that family and friends can view your photos on their own. Being able to post your photos online has really inspired me. There are many free online services that allow people with low computer literacy to choose their favorite photos and post them in a private place on the Internet for family and friends to view. This service deprives you of the large number of technical know-how that is usually required to get your photos from the Internet. However, if you have the time and want to create your own photo website, there are many tutorials on the Internet that will guide you through the process from buying a domain name to downloading files from the Internet.

In the course of my research I have found that there are many internet companies that offer prints of your digital lab quality photos right to your doorstep. Simply by selecting your favorite images on your computer and sending them electronically through the company’s website, you can purchase copies of your selected photos for as little as 1 penny per photo. Many other print options are also available, for example, you can print your photos on items such as mugs, T-shirts, napkins, teddy bears, pillows and other items you’ve probably never dreamed of!

Another service that can often be found on these photo sites is printing on canvas. When printed on canvas, your digital photos are printed directly on a special-coated canvas and then placed in a box ready for hanging. Until recently, printing digital images on canvas was an expensive process. With some changes in the way you print on canvas, it’s become much more accessible to turn these special photos into stylish, attention-grabbing items that are sure to revive any dull wall.

Prints on canvas are usually available from 40 x 30 cm to approximately 160 x 120 cm. Note that some digital images (mostly images less than 4 megapixels) may not be suitable for this scale of zoom, before saying goodbye to money, it is worth checking the site of the photos.

In addition to all the available online services, on our shopping streets there are several automatic photoskios. With these terminals, you can easily insert a memory card from your digital camera and select images for printing. Once you’ve made the money, your chosen photos will be printed and distributed on the site. Kodak kiosks also have the option to safely record your photos on a CD. This is a convenient option for those who do not have a computer or printer, but who love the freedom of digital photography.

Among these discoveries I would like to try to put my photos on the Internet so that everyone can see them. It can be fun and quick free!

Iggy Discovers an Integral Splash Drive

My cousin’s birthday was fast approaching, and I didn’t know what to buy her this year. About 5 years ago I ran out of gift ideas for her, I couldn’t get her another sentence – chocolate, teddy bears or other kitchen utensils. Since I love most men, I really have no idea about bags and shoes (his main interests!). In the end I chose a gift from things that I understand gadgets!

As a teacher, my cousin Sam always goes to and from school with books, files, floppy disks and CDs trying to complete her day-to-day work at home. In the blink of an eye, I thought of the perfect gift for her: a USB drive! I still use mine.

The only thing that bothered me about the timeliness of such a gift was the security of the data contained in it, because I knew that at some point I knew that confidential information would be stored there. You can’t afford to risk that your data will be misunderstood today, in accordance with all data protection and privacy laws. So began my search for a safe USB drive.

I found secure USB drives on the market, but the one that convinced me was a 512MB built-in USB drive, which is the most complete secure USB drive and at the same time the best value for money. Splash Drive is ideal for moving data between work and home, and Pen Drive itself has pre-installed security software that blocks selected files so that they can only be viewed or viewed after entering a password, which means that only authorized persons can see them. your confidential information.

In addition, as the name suggests, Splash Drive is water resistant, shock-resistant, compact and attractive. Splash Drive’s soft rubber coating gives the device a durable and durable look and is ideal for fixing on a key fob.

Like all USB drives, Splash Drive is incredibly easy to use. Getting a file there is as easy as plugging it into your computer and “dragging” your chosen files onto it.

Iggy Discovers The 17 In 1 Card Reader

In recent years, almost every device I bought requires a different type of memory card, or more of a different type of memory card than the one I already have! This means that I have a lot of them with multiple cardriders, docking stations, cables and adapters that allow me to connect these different gadgets to my PC.

I have an MP3 player for the Compact Flash memory card, an XD memory card camera, a Palm Top computer for an SD memory card and a mobile phone for a mini SD card! These are four separate USB devices for reading memory cards/doc stations that I need to get the most out of each of these gadgets. Until recently, I plugged and disabled these devices in my secure 4-port USB hub, after many USB cables I was concerned that some of the connectors on my USB devices were disconnected and no longer connected as tightly as they used to.

I suddenly noticed that most of my USB devices have removable memory cards, so I thought it would be a good idea to protect the USB connectors on my gadgets from being permanently on and off using them. The memory cards themselves for photos, music, etc. copy. video and other files, instead of connecting the devices directly to my computer’s USB port.

So instead of connecting the digital camera directly to my computer, I’m going to remove the memory card from the camera, insert it into the card reader, and copy my photos directly from the memory card to my computer. Good idea, except the fact that I have different types of memory cards and a lot of different card readers, so I’m actually no better – instead of plugging a lot of different devices into my USB hub, I now connect to my USB hub a lot of different mapping. However, in this way I at least protect USB connections on the USB devices themselves.

I chose this method of transferring data from my devices to my computer until I found the perfect tool to solve this problem with connection/disconnection. Integral 17’s Multicard Reader 17 in 1 does exactly what it says on the packaging.

By simply connecting this reading/recording device with multiple cards to a free USB port on your computer, your computer will be open to accepting one of the most popular memory cards on the market today. When you look at card reader 17 in 1, it’s hard to believe that it takes 17 different types of memory cards, but among the four carefully designed slots on the front of this device almost all types of memory cards, present on the market, can be used. read or write. (Right at the time of publication).

If your computer is running Windows 98 or 98SE, you need to install the attached drivers before using your card reader. Windows ME, 2000, XP and MAC OS 9.0 and above do not require installation, except to connect the card reader to the USB port of your computer.
Once you connect your memory card reader and installs a memory card in My Computer, a new icon will appear, and one double click on this new icon will allow you to view the contents of the map. Once here, you can drag files between the memory card and the computer.

This simple device helped me avoid the wear and tear of my USB devices, stopped the constant switching of USB devices and various USB card readers, and helped extend the battery life of my mobile devices. One note: always check your camera, MP3 player, PDA (regardless of your mobile device) to make sure the memory card is in place before you leave the house, as the most important memory card is easy to insert into the cardrider!