House Break Your Italian Greyhound

Burglary is one of the reasons why Italian greyhounds turn to the rescue service. When I had my first Italian greyhound almost a decade ago, it was so good that I had no idea that Iggy’s other parents were pulling their hair out of the toilet because of accidents at home. However, when I joined IG Rescue and adopted Iggy’s male, I was disappointed by many other Italian greyhound owners.

Over the years I have found information that helps break down Italian greyhounds, and wanted to share it with Iggy’s other parents.

For example, let’s see how long it takes to accustom a child to a pot – a few years. A toy dog will grow slower than a big dog, such as a German dog, and we need to be patient. Puppies should be on the pot every two to four hours for six to nine months. If you are unavailable for your dog around the clock and without days off, you will need to find a nurse who will walk your Iggy while you are at work. An alternative can be a good shelter for dogs with separate rooms for large and small dogs.

Many people preach that the use of boxes is the end, and they all need home-schooling because dogs “don’t get dirty where they sleep or eat.” However, this is not quite so, because if the dog needs to leave, it has no choice but to stain the cage. It’s not the dogs’ fault. Mother Nature determines when your puppy’s body will ripen. As a companion parent, we also have a responsibility to ensure that puppies can go to the pot when they need to pee or defecate!

An alternative to a simple box is an X-Pen with a can box, papers or jars around the drawer. Watch your puppy and take it outside after eating or limit it to using X-pen. Your dog will soon begin to understand the right pots. Do not scold or beat your sensitive Iggy during home training, it will only make the situation worse.

I’ve found that it’s best not to give the dog full access to your house until you know that she or she understands what’s appropriate and that it’s going to come out on paper or come out. Let’s face it – Italian greyhounds DON’t like bad weather, and I know that my IG can break indoors in bad weather. It will be easier to keep the house clean if your dog has also trained in boxing.

If accidents do happen, remember that your Italian greyhound is not bad and inexperienced. We don’t want to leave the house in very cold weather, otherwise it won’t rain. You CAN smash your Italian greyhound with patience and love. I’ve had a lot of other Italian greyhound owners.

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