An Overview On 100W LED Flood Light

Past few years have seen a huge rise in the demand for LED Lights, for indoor as well as outdoor settings LED Lights are environment friendly, utilizes less power, reduces the expenditure on electricity bills, has a cooling effect, lasts 10 times longer than an ordinary neon light and provides a much glowing light compared to the ordinary ones.

Much large scale as well as small scale organizations has resorted to purchasing bulk amounts of LED Lights for their office surroundings. Similarly most residences these days too, prefer installing LED Lights in their homes. Due to the immense benefits that these lights provide, they are bound to be a pricier than the ordinary ones, but still a much healthy investment in terms of durability.

As the demand for LED Lights saw a major increase, manufacturers began coming up with innovative updates to these lights making them available in different varieties, shapes, sizes, colors and watts. An LED Flood Light is one such form which has been put led flood light under a lot of use these days. 100W LED Flood Light is preferred a lot due to its salient characteristics that seem to be very useful indoors as well as outdoors.

A 100W LED Flood Light is preferred by many businesses and work places because it has been estimated that it helps in saving approximately 50 to 70% of energy, which amounts to a huge reduction in the expenditure incurred on their electricity bills. They can also be installed easily and has greater productivity for maximum time. They are also Eco-friendly therefore do not spread any kind of air pollution. The brightness emitted by a 100W LED Flood Light is just perfect to enhance visibility in most indoor as well as outdoor surroundings. In case of a few darker areas, these lights are available in a variety of lighter shades which can be chosen accordingly.

A 100W LED Flood Light is mostly brought under use for the garden area, Subways, Gym, Billboard lighting, Garage Lighting, Factory, Warehouse etc. Most LED Light suppliers would give you a minimum 3 year warranty with these lights. As compared to the ordinary Neon Lights available in the market for a cheap rate, an LED Flood Light would definitely cost you much more, but would be much brighter, almost as much as 10 times longer lasting and extremely low on maintenance. A 100W LED Flood Light runs on 90W input power and AC85-265V Voltage. There are hundreds of LED Lights manufactures today, but not all of them can be considered as reliable. Hence while giving bulk orders, it is very important to undertake a thorough research on the company background of the manufacturer.

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