Culture And Etiquette In Egypt

Alternatively, make Cairo your base, explore the huge Egyptian museum and do some shopping in the sprawling Khan el Khalili bazaar. From the city you can take day trips to many of the essential locations, including the ancient capital of Memphis, home of the oldest pyramid in Egypt. After a good dose of history, head to the coast of the Red Sea to relax on the golden sand of Hurghada and experience the best diving in the country at Marsa Alam, where pristine coral reefs are full of life in the sea. The Safaga cruise port is where your boat awaits you when you book a tour of the sea, the Nile, the Red Sea and Luxor for sightseeing. Most land tours also try to include some adventure activities in the form of water sports, snorkeling, swimming, etc. among the things you have to do in Egypt. Check if hotel transfers are covered or that pick-up is only from designated locations and that lunches and snacks are included.

In addition, the safety of our customers is a priority in all our tours of Egypt, the pyramids of Egypt Holiday and Nile Cruise and every trip to Egypt that we offer as Memphis Tours Egypt, a local service provider in the travel industry. The Nile Valley region stretches for nearly 1,532 kilometers and as such, the climate can vary significantly from Alexandria on the coast to the north, along the river to Luxor, Aswan or Abu Simbel further south. In general, however, the climate in the Nile Valley is temperate with a lot of sun and very few rainy days, unlike desert areas with much higher temperatures. The best times are from mid-April and May or September and October, November, when the temperature is lower, making observation and exploration easier.

In fact, the mysterious night vision of a full moon day resembles the Arctic caves. The entire area to the left of the Bahariya-Farafra highway is full of different types of black iron pyrites, crystalline quartz and many fossils. And among them is the sandy boulevard, which makes you wonder about nature and the strange distribution of landscapes. This is a very popular campsite for fairly obvious reasons for sightseeing and privacy.

One of the most important and impressive archaeological sites in Egypt, the ancient city of Abydos, is in the middle of the country, just a few hours north of Luxor. Home to an amazing variety of seductive temples, graves and treasures, the first pharaohs were buried here, with the royal necropolis of Seti I being the undisputed highlight. Egypt has built up perhaps 7,000 years of history and civilization, but in addition to the impressive ancient attractions, the country also has a mix of modern culture, haute cuisine and hospitable people. If you are planning a visit, here are our tips for spending your time wisely.

The remains of the Alexandria lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of ancient times, the Cleopatra Palace around the sunken island of Antirhodos and the remains of a plane crash from World War II Valley of the Kings is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders with dozens of graves full of art and hieroglyphics. See the tomb of King Tutankhamun, the most famous view of the valley, then visit the temples of the sons of Ramses II and Amenhotep III and others to marvel at the ancient art and artifacts.

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De meeste nieuwe bezoekers van Caïro kiezen over het algemeen voor hotels in de buurt van de piramiden. Dat is prima als je niet van plan bent een ander district in Caïro te bezoeken, maar Hurghada fishing day trip het gebied rond de piramides is vrij ver van alles. Idealiter zou u een meer centrale locatie zoals Tahrir of Zamalek moeten kiezen voor een betere toegang tot de rest van de stad.