Iggy discovers – What to Do with His Photos

After years of digital photography, I’ve collected a large number of photos that I’ve safely stored on the external hard drive. I printed some of the best and kept them in the album for clippings to save them, I also made several calendars using a set of calendars combined with a number of my favorite photos.

Last Christmas I also provided a very interesting (don’t laugh) slideshow for my family (using the Sandisk photo album). But what other options do I have to help me view my other photos since most of them are currently on my hard drive in binary form, most of them are invisible. After studying the Internet, I discovered for the first time the incredible innovation of digital photo frames! These handy devices are small, framed flat screens.

After connecting to your computer or installing a memory card, the photo frame is displayed and scrolls through all the photos on the memory card. Currently, there are many digital photo frames available at different prices, the cheapest I found cost about 70 pounds for a 5.6-inch frame and about 150 pounds for a 7-inch frame. These prices will fall over the next two years as the cost of producing color displays will decrease. I could choose one of these devices if this happens.

The next topic I encountered were online photo album services, they seem to have appeared all over the Internet, many offer an easy way to publish photos online so that family and friends can view your photos on their own. Being able to post your photos online has really inspired me. There are many free online services that allow people with low computer literacy to choose their favorite photos and post them in a private place on the Internet for family and friends to view. This service deprives you of the large number of technical know-how that is usually required to get your photos from the Internet. However, if you have the time and want to create your own photo website, there are many tutorials on the Internet that will guide you through the process from buying a domain name to downloading files from the Internet.

In the course of my research I have found that there are many internet companies that offer prints of your digital lab quality photos right to your doorstep. Simply by selecting your favorite images on your computer and sending them electronically through the company’s website, you can purchase copies of your selected photos for as little as 1 penny per photo. Many other print options are also available, for example, you can print your photos on items such as mugs, T-shirts, napkins, teddy bears, pillows and other items you’ve probably never dreamed of!

Another service that can often be found on these photo sites is printing on canvas. When printed on canvas, your digital photos are printed directly on a special-coated canvas and then placed in a box ready for hanging. Until recently, printing digital images on canvas was an expensive process. With some changes in the way you print on canvas, it’s become much more accessible to turn these special photos into stylish, attention-grabbing items that are sure to revive any dull wall.

Prints on canvas are usually available from 40 x 30 cm to approximately 160 x 120 cm. Note that some digital images (mostly images less than 4 megapixels) may not be suitable for this scale of zoom, before saying goodbye to money, it is worth checking the site of the photos.

In addition to all the available online services, on our shopping streets there are several automatic photoskios. With these terminals, you can easily insert a memory card from your digital camera and select images for printing. Once you’ve made the money, your chosen photos will be printed and distributed on the site. Kodak kiosks also have the option to safely record your photos on a CD. This is a convenient option for those who do not have a computer or printer, but who love the freedom of digital photography.

Among these discoveries I would like to try to put my photos on the Internet so that everyone can see them. It can be fun and quick free!

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