Newbie’s Guide to Common Iguana Accessories

To properly arrange an enclosure for iguana, you will need a lot of things. In addition to essentials such as heating and lighting, you will also need a few accessories. This article looks at some of the most important accessories for iguanes.


It goes without saying, but you’ll definitely need bowls of food and water for your iggy. It is best if the dishes are relatively shallow so that your iguana can easily use it. They should also be strong, as they are likely to suffer heavy penalties. You will also need to clean them daily so that water bowls and food can be easily washed.


You can also take a bath to soak up the bath. It should be strong enough that your iguana can reach it without tipping over. However, it is equally important that it is not large enough to prevent easy entry. The bath should also be easy to care for, as you need to clean it every time the iguana uses it.


Climbing designs are also good accessories for your iguana’s home. The two best options are non-standard boards and branches. If you use boards, make sure your igg has different sizes.

You can also provide your lizard with branches for sunbathing and lasagna. Make sure the branch is strong enough to withstand the weight of your iguana. If you have pulled a live tree branch outside, make sure it has not been treated with chemicals that can harm your iguana. Some species of trees and plants are also poisonous to iguans.

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