The Overlook by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is being called to investigate a murder linked to stolen radioactive material. A doctor who had access to the nuclear particles used in his cancer research at the hospital has just been killed on guard. The crime scene is just above the Mulholland Dam in Los Angeles. During his investigation, Bosch discovers that a large number of these cesium particles were stolen before the doctor’s death. Cesium, caught in the wrong hands, was definitely a dangerous situation. It could have been a terrorist plan to destroy a big city like Los Angeles.

Bosch is under pressure to help solve the mysterious murder, as many people may be injured. Homeland Security and FBI are already overwhelmed. This is a matter of paramount importance. Harry’s sweetheart, Rachel Walling, is also following the same path. She believes that laping is too important. This is the work of the FBI, of which it is a part. Harry is not convinced of his assertion. He thinks he can solve the mystery of the missing substance.

This is Harry’s first case since he joined an elite special homicide investigation organization. Harry Bosch is now involved in an important matter of national importance. He succeeds and proves he can identify the killer. He’ll be lucky soon.

Dr. Stanley Kent was shot twice in the back of the head. It was like a group crime or a terrorist plot. It was an exciting case, and finding a witness was a big find. Bosch found a young man who had witnessed the crime while in his sleeping position. The man just crossed the area. He spent the night in front of the belvedere, then planned to pack his bags and continue his journey. He had not seen or heard much, but he knew that a murder had been committed, and the eulogies spoken by Allah, he thought. This included a link to the Middle East and a possible terrorist plot.

Bosch has a new partner – Iggy Ferras. It was exactly the case when they needed to build a working relationship. He was also able to show her how the LAPD and the FBI didn’t always work in perfect harmony. The FBI has always wanted to oversee the investigation.

When the FBI determines that the stolen material can be used to make a dirty bomb, it tries to get rid of the LAPD because it’s too important to bring Bosch. Harry felt the stench and was determined to continue the investigation. He and Rachel Walling disagree on this, but Harry remains, to his disappointment. Bosch then works with the FBI and hunts down the doctor’s killer. His new partner is concerned about his career as a police investigator after witnessing Bosch’s unorthodox manoeuvres. Iggy’s not sure he likes working with Harry. Bosch has always been quite unconventional.

FBI agents believe Bosch is failing the investigation, but they missed it. Despite their fears, Harry’s instinct and experience seem to allow him to look at things somewhat logically. Eventually, he discovers details that the average detective does not see.

Iggy prefers a book, but Harry has a different idea. Later, he tells Bosch that he wants a new partner. Harry can’t help him. He always conducted his investigations in different ways, and yet he solved more cases than the average detective. Izzy doesn’t want to be a part of it.

Soon it turns out that the doctor’s wife had an affair with an FBI agent. Harry never liked agent Cliff Maxwell. Alice Kent conspired with Maxwell to kill her husband. It was all rigged. Harry Bosch suspected of his involvement with another agent. When he found out it was really Maxwell, he couldn’t believe it. Rachel Walling told him about this man. Bosch didn’t like him, but he was surprised.

They wondered: where is Maxwell now? Witness Jesse Mitford stayed at the Mark Twain Hotel. Then it occurred to him that Maxwell knew where he was. Maybe he’s trying to kill him. They decided to go there immediately. Bosch called the Hollywood department and ordered the officer to immediately send the patrol car to the hotel.

Survival instinct forces Maxwell to deny witness statements and then tries to escape. Bosch and Walling disagreed about what Maxwell would do next. They just needed to find him quickly. Bosch briefly stopped and hit him. He forgets about the hotel and goes to Highland Avenue. He turns around and drives along the Hollywood Freeway. Walling asked, where is he going? Alice is Maxwell’s biggest threat. He’ll go there first. Bosch called Iggy with a flashing light and squealed with a siren. Ignacio, stop what you’re doing and meet me at the million-dollar Theater. I’ll explain it to you when you get there.

When they all arrive, the vicissitudes of this novel accelerate. The novel interests you from cover to cover. I highly recommend you also read this book and an additional chapter at the end.

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