Trainspotting Analysis

Trainspotting is an adaptation of Irwin Welsh’s novel, created by the film crew of Shallow Grave writer John Hedge, producer Andrew McDonald and director Danny Boyle, giving us unforgettable characters and moments. Ian McGregor plays Renton, a casual heroin addict who can’t decide whether to clean or retreat in the company of his lost friends in Edinburgh and then London. The film was shot in 1996.

In fact, the game on the needle is called a session of dark linear marker or trace left in the veins after the injection of heroin. First, heroin users pass through their hands and inject themselves up and down into the main vein. They call it “station to station.” For drug addicts, it all comes down to one goal – to take drugs. These are the “pathfinders” who obsessively reduce the number of trains.

All five main characters of this film – men suffering from life-threatening drug addiction. The films “On the Needle” can be divided into four types: drama, comedy, crime and drug culture. “On the Needle” is classified as a drama because it is a serious story due to addiction and various scenes showing real addicts and graphic images of heroin injections. On the other hand, it could be classified as a comedy, especially when Spade is in a hurry for interviews and other funny moments that underline the seriousness of the film. It can be called black humor. Playing on the needle, of course, can go beyond the criminal genre and drug culture because of the history itself and the characters, and this film gives us a very bright and real picture of the daily routine of the heroin addict. a well-known quote means a lot. Trainspotting presents those who need to understand that they choose life; is it written for them this sentence and for whom these people live a less ordinary life? They are addicted to Scotland and live in sync to get what they need. For three heroines – it’s a form of addiction, another passivity and the last aggression. It’s a crazy quintet, leading a life that can mean anything.

First, we are introduced to our humble narrator Renton (McGregor). We see that he goes nowhere, steals CDs from the store in the hope of earning some money to pay for the next hit. His home away from home is the apartment of a drug dealer (the eldest mother), where he and his best friends Sick (Miller) and Spad (Bremner) receives a regular bowl of needles, spoon, lighter and heroin. They are as delicate as he is, although Recession is helpless in its addiction, while Sick Boy exists only to compare metaphorical measures.

In the films about drug addiction, of course, there is nothing new, but in this film everything looks different, as if it is the first film dedicated to this topic. Playing on a needle is bold and often fun; he is dark, intelligent and self-confident. This is more than one of the best drug movies ever made; this is probably the best film from the UK

Ian McGregor plays the main character; Mark Renton. It features the film “On the Needle” with an extremely energetic scene, an old scene accompanied by Iggy Pop’s “The Thirst for Life” and the sarcastic story of Renton, who rejects our weak and mechanical existence in favor of the joys of heroin. Iggy Pop is Renton’s hero. He even has his poster in the room. When he leaves, we find that his habit of heroin has been preserved for a long time, because he will not recognize any of the new songs of the club. Diane points it out to him, and Renton begins to realize that the heroine has brought so much into her life.

“People associate it with unhappiness, despair and death, it should not be ignored. But what they forget is fun, otherwise we wouldn’t.” He is undoubtedly shocked by society and by the materialistic satisfaction it offers. Later, he compares the heroine: “Imagine the best orgasm you’ve ever had, and multiply it by a thousand, and you’re not even there.” However, after a few minutes in the film, he decides to stop the heroine. Viewers may conclude that it’s time to move on with life, but he couldn’t live without heroin, as we see through the film as his various unsuccessful attempts to give up his habit.

Renton is very addicted to drugs and because of his unemployment is forced to survive shoplifting and petty theft. While he was taking methadone, he was given a “last vaccination” that led to an overdose. It’s just an attempt to evade the rules. Actually, it is this decisive position can explain the heroine in relation to Renton. He says: “We would have administered vitamin C if they had declared it illegal.”

Even if he manages to overcome his heroin addiction and start a new life in London, his old circle of friends is not easy to lose, and Renton participates in a drug deal and sells 4 kilograms of heroin to his ‘so-called’ friends. . Towards the end of the film, he betrays the others, running away with money. It shows viewers that he has decided to “choose life,” to be “like us,” which is a dubious goal; qualities that the film constantly calls into question

Renton is dreamy, lively, restless and calm, seemingly all at once, and you never know where you are with him, because he never knows where he is with himself. This is a low-key image of the character, which, in fact, is devoid of roots, but, nevertheless, attractive.

Johnny Lee Miller plays a sick boy who is described as a handsome boy who has a habit of talking nonsense and bombarding his friends with trifles about Sean Connery. He’s an ambitious James Bond catcher, very smart. The sick boy seems to be the least affected by heroin addiction. In fact, when Renton tries to stop the heroine, the patient does the same to avenge him. In the film “Sick Boy on the Needle” is someone who downplays the importance of the heroine and, unlike the rest of the team, does not seem to have any problems with his addiction.

“The film only deals with the question of how real his personality is, or just social cover-up.” The behavior of the Sick Boy in the last parts of the film shows how the death of the child affected him and made him more vulnerable to crime. He begins to sell drugs, pimp and becomes a versatile conman. Renton claims that when the sick boy’s child died, something in the Sick should have died and never returned.

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