Iggy Discovers The 17 In 1 Card Reader

In recent years, almost every device I bought requires a different type of memory card, or more of a different type of memory card than the one I already have! This means that I have a lot of them with multiple cardriders, docking stations, cables and adapters that allow me to connect these different gadgets to my PC.

I have an MP3 player for the Compact Flash memory card, an XD memory card camera, a Palm Top computer for an SD memory card and a mobile phone for a mini SD card! These are four separate USB devices for reading memory cards/doc stations that I need to get the most out of each of these gadgets. Until recently, I plugged and disabled these devices in my secure 4-port USB hub, after many USB cables I was concerned that some of the connectors on my USB devices were disconnected and no longer connected as tightly as they used to.

I suddenly noticed that most of my USB devices have removable memory cards, so I thought it would be a good idea to protect the USB connectors on my gadgets from being permanently on and off using them. The memory cards themselves for photos, music, etc. copy. video and other files, instead of connecting the devices directly to my computer’s USB port.

So instead of connecting the digital camera directly to my computer, I’m going to remove the memory card from the camera, insert it into the card reader, and copy my photos directly from the memory card to my computer. Good idea, except the fact that I have different types of memory cards and a lot of different card readers, so I’m actually no better – instead of plugging a lot of different devices into my USB hub, I now connect to my USB hub a lot of different mapping. However, in this way I at least protect USB connections on the USB devices themselves.

I chose this method of transferring data from my devices to my computer until I found the perfect tool to solve this problem with connection/disconnection. Integral 17’s Multicard Reader 17 in 1 does exactly what it says on the packaging.

By simply connecting this reading/recording device with multiple cards to a free USB port on your computer, your computer will be open to accepting one of the most popular memory cards on the market today. When you look at card reader 17 in 1, it’s hard to believe that it takes 17 different types of memory cards, but among the four carefully designed slots on the front of this device almost all types of memory cards, present on the market, can be used. read or write. (Right at the time of publication).

If your computer is running Windows 98 or 98SE, you need to install the attached drivers before using your card reader. Windows ME, 2000, XP and MAC OS 9.0 and above do not require installation, except to connect the card reader to the USB port of your computer.
Once you connect your memory card reader and installs a memory card in My Computer, a new icon will appear, and one double click on this new icon will allow you to view the contents of the map. Once here, you can drag files between the memory card and the computer.

This simple device helped me avoid the wear and tear of my USB devices, stopped the constant switching of USB devices and various USB card readers, and helped extend the battery life of my mobile devices. One note: always check your camera, MP3 player, PDA (regardless of your mobile device) to make sure the memory card is in place before you leave the house, as the most important memory card is easy to insert into the cardrider!

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