Iggy Discovers an Integral Splash Drive

My cousin’s birthday was fast approaching, and I didn’t know what to buy her this year. About 5 years ago I ran out of gift ideas for her, I couldn’t get her another sentence – chocolate, teddy bears or other kitchen utensils. Since I love most men, I really have no idea about bags and shoes (his main interests!). In the end I chose a gift from things that I understand gadgets!

As a teacher, my cousin Sam always goes to and from school with books, files, floppy disks and CDs trying to complete her day-to-day work at home. In the blink of an eye, I thought of the perfect gift for her: a USB drive! I still use mine.

The only thing that bothered me about the timeliness of such a gift was the security of the data contained in it, because I knew that at some point I knew that confidential information would be stored there. You can’t afford to risk that your data will be misunderstood today, in accordance with all data protection and privacy laws. So began my search for a safe USB drive.

I found secure USB drives on the market, but the one that convinced me was a 512MB built-in USB drive, which is the most complete secure USB drive and at the same time the best value for money. Splash Drive is ideal for moving data between work and home, and Pen Drive itself has pre-installed security software that blocks selected files so that they can only be viewed or viewed after entering a password, which means that only authorized persons can see them. your confidential information.

In addition, as the name suggests, Splash Drive is water resistant, shock-resistant, compact and attractive. Splash Drive’s soft rubber coating gives the device a durable and durable look and is ideal for fixing on a key fob.

Like all USB drives, Splash Drive is incredibly easy to use. Getting a file there is as easy as plugging it into your computer and “dragging” your chosen files onto it.

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