Is Munich Worth A Visit? 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Capital Of Bavaria

Berlin, the creative capital of Europe has so much to offer that you can spend a week there without getting bored. If you’re going down that road, be sure to check out my hipster travel guide on the 12 best things to do in Berlin. Travelling to Germany as part of a larger trip to Europe? Be sure to check out my 3 month itinerary for Europe from Portugal to Sweden. Keep in mind that this is just a suggested daily budget based on my travel style, which tends more towards the budget side of things. Most of the places I’ve mentioned in this article are within walking distance, but there are a few places where you have to take a tram/metro or rely on organized tours to get there and back.

The BMW Welt, opened in 2007, is Bavaria’s most visited tourist attraction. The futuristic steel and glass architecture of the building is part of the charm, oktoberfest plus the fact that admission is free. Since the Olympics, a number of family activities have been added, so you’ll find plenty of things to do here.

It began as a monastery and became a settlement when the Duke of Bavaria allowed monks to establish a market at the junction of the Salzburg route and the river. When you travel, you should buy a ticket as soon as possible, either at the station or, if that is not possible, at a machine on board as soon as you board. Sometimes you still have to validate your ticket after purchase.

You can also check out a list of my recommended places to eat here. This documentation center is dedicated to the rise and fall of the Nazi Party, with several floors of photographs, documents, and quotes that shed light on this important piece of the city’s past. The screens are available in English and German, with fascinating audio guides that take about 2 hours to complete but are absolutely fascinating. It will probably take days before you pass by this museum, the largest science and technology museum in the world! Still, the exhibits are great and it’s the perfect place to become a whole nerd. Granted, this is shamelessly touristy, but it’s always a highlight for anyone who comes to visit me, so I wanted to include it here.

The work of local graffiti artists can mainly be found in bicycle and pedestrian tunnels that run through the city center. You may have to do a little searching, but the hunt is worth it. Munich is also where the German Art Nouveau architecture brand Jugendstil was born. The Districts of Schwabing and Bogenhausen are dotted with houses built in this style. If you’re really interested, Villa Stuck is a museum dedicated to movement. If you have time, head out of town to visit Neuschwanstein Castle, which you can recognize as the inspiration for the famous Walt Disney.

Der Verrückte Eismacher is a charming little ice cream spot that is popular with students and locals who live around the Universität area and don’t serve the typical ice cream flavors. In the middle you will also find the Column of Mary, from which the square takes its name. The monument was erected in 1638 to commemorate the end of the Swedish occupation and is now one of the main features of this beautiful square. It is well located in the center of Marienplatz, the Old Town, and has a 56-meter-high watchtower with a 360° platform that allows you to admire the beauty of Munich from above.