The Web Of Man’s Folly And Wisdom

The WorldWideWeb (www) or simply the Web is an internet-based phenomenon that is as big as it has effectively shrunk the world into the palm of its gigantic palm. Today, almost everything happens in the Web – from information relating to animals, plant and nature and to subjects that were normally privileged only to large organisations and the very wealthy. Kids, even from third world countries, can now get to know and interact with people overseas from even the smallest and shabbiest internet cafes.

The 검증토토 were intended to be utilitarian tools designed to help man carry out his tasks accurately and efficiently. Developers painstakingly built software programs that are user-friendly, easy to understand and navigate through. Even websites have evolved from very pedantic prototypes to interfaces that even 2 or 3 year olds can already understand and use – a very positive and optimistic situation that man slowly learned to abuse.

Different types of online games have been made easily accessible even to 3 year olds able to punch keys and buttons on keyboards and joysticks. This has raised concerns on the health especially of the younger generation. The games are designed in such a manner that they incessantly excite and enthral players and forget time and even space. Kids have become so fixed in the games that they forget to eat, not feeling hungry or tired. There even was a news item of a kid from Korea who died from too much fatigue while playing a computer game.

Man’s natural tendency to abuse that which is easy to access has not spared computers and the Internet. Too much time on the computer rendered people, especially the younger generation, physically unfit as more and more kids grew obese. The psychological dependence on computers and the Web has changed people. It is as if the world will stop turning and bring life to a dead halt if the Internet, for some reason, vanishes. Going online has become a “basic necessity”.

Human civilisation is quite old and should ideally have developed a level of maturity that cannot be misled to stray from wise choices and solid decisions. The advances that man has made in medicine, science and technology, apart from his acquired stock knowledge in social and political sciences as documented in publications (physical and printed or digital in form) produced by masters of prose and poetry are supposed to have guided him to do better and live his life on earth in wisdom.

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