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Iggy’s New Toy

After years of dedicated service, I recently realized that it was time to exchange my old trusty cell phone. Despite the ridicule of friends, I saved my big old phone after my phone company provided me with a free upgrade. It always worked reliably, and more importantly, I

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Yin shrinking products

Yin and Yang are key concepts that 縮陰產品 emerged in Taoism in the 3rd or 4th centuries BC in China. Yin is usually associated with female energy, which is a reflexive and introverted facet of activity or personality; while Ian, associated with male energy, refers to strength

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alternative styles

Photo-bottles proved to be very alternative styles popular, largely due to their uniqueness and unusualness. For example, make a camera bag for you, and you know that no one will have the same design when you leave the house. To get exactly the look you want on one of the

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