Rock Stars Who Walk on the Tame Side

Glad I’ve never been a fan of Iggy Pop in the UK. Every time I saw swiftcover’s current ad campaign of the former wild car insurance guy The Stooges, I fell into depression. In any case, the fact that Johnny Rotten is adding Country Life oil here doesn’t seem like a big deal; There was always something vaudeville in it. But it’s time to put your shirt back on, Iggy.

Nowadays, every rapper is covered with sequins, and all the singers are dressed in high fashion. But when I was young, my peers and I shared the fantasy that the music we love is not part of a profitable industry like any other commercial activity. It was part of the youth revolution, man. Ah, the innocence of youth.

Music may always come first, but as soon as the musician started his career, he had to raise ex-wives, needed tap managers, and record companies calmed down for the next album.

For your favorite artist or band it was normal to live a rich life, spending money on fast cars, motorcycles and models.

In fact, Eric Clapton wore Armanis – always well-dressed bluesmen. But her gypsy drummer at Cream, Ginger Baker, was a big fan of horse polo shirts. Alice Cooper loved golf. It seemed almost as absurd as George Harrison’s fascination with racing and Mick Jagger’s passion for cricket.

Everything Bob Dylan did, say, to find a country, a western or a religion, was good because he was Dylan. However, fans of life had to take a deep breath when he appeared in the advertisement Victoria’s Secret.

David Bowie paid off when the star of the ziggy Stardust Little Drummer Boy performed with Bing Crosby. He also did not embarrass fans with his cinematic work, unlike Dylan and Jagger.

However, you can go too far in authenticity by leading a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Club 27 members – Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain – could now sell car insurance if they lived 28 years or older.

I’m sure the family and the fans are praying about it. So I’m taking it back. It’s easy money, come on, Iggy, you deserve a performance.

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