Iggy’s New Toy

After years of dedicated service, I recently realized that it was time to exchange my old trusty cell phone. Despite the ridicule of friends, I saved my big old phone after my phone company provided me with a free upgrade. It always worked reliably, and more importantly, I knew exactly where I was when I started using it.

As you may have guessed, I like my gadgets and I was very excited about the prospect of getting a new phone, especially with the incredible number of features that are now available on the latest phones. After much research, I chose the Sony Ericsson K750i with a color screen, a digital camera (with a panorama function), video recording, Bluetooth connectivity, Internet access, MP3 player and FM radio. It also allows me to use a separate memory card of up to 1GB, allowing me to store tons of photos, songs and videos. He called too!

After getting the phone, I started digging into the awesome prospect of learning how to use this thing. The first thing I had to do was dial all my phone numbers. After reviewing the manual, I found that it was possible to copy my address book directly from Microsoft Outlook on my computer to my phone, which eliminates the need to manually enter all my phone numbers. It will save me a lot of time if I can make it work!

All I had to do was install the phone’s software on my computer with the attached CD and connect the phone to the computer using the attached cable to transmit data. I also had the ability to connect the phone to my computer wirelessly, using bluetooth to connect to my computer, it looked great, but meant to buy a Usb Bluetooth key for my computer, so I decided to leave it for later.

Since these things don’t usually work the first time, I decided I’d follow the instructions on the ground and not just dive as usual! To my surprise, after taking the steps described in the quick installation guide, it really worked! it really was so simple, my phone was connected to my computer and it worked. I made several changes to the settings (as stated in the instructions) in the mobile phone software, and within seconds all my phone numbers and addresses were copied to my phone! The great thing here is that now I can update every new person and phone number on my phone and on my computer at the same time, all I have to do is connect the phone to the computer, and the button will automatically update my computer information. about my computer. phone or vice versa.

Then I became even more adventurous and thought I’d try to include music in my phone. I’ve never used an MP3, but I’ve heard a lot about it, and as mentioned, I had music on my phone for 5 minutes! That sounds good. Using the camera is also convenient, simple, and sometimes convenient, as you don’t need to bring a separate digital camera for photos.

What surprised me was how simple it was. I avoided changing phones mainly because it didn’t feel complicated, but in fact it was easier to configure than my old phone, which was so simple compared to it. In less than an hour I recharged the battery, added my long list of contacts and meetings to the phone calendar and recorded a few songs. Brilliantly!

Now all I have to do is increase the phone’s memory, since the few numbers I typed into the phone have already used up most of the memory that comes with the phone for free. Apparently I just need to buy a memory card and insert it into the phone, then enjoy, soon try.

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