Month: February 2021

Newbie’s Guide to Common Iguana Accessories

To properly arrange an enclosure for iguana, you will need a lot of things. In addition to essentials such as heating and lighting, you will also need a few accessories. This article looks at some of the most important accessories for iguanes. Dishes It goes without saying, but you’ll definitely need bowls of food and […]

Administering Subcutaneous Fluids to Your Cat – You Can Do This!

Carol is my cat’s nanny, and her cat Sasha was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. It appears that 15-year-old Sasha has experienced a health signal – she has asthma, diabetes (now solved) and her veterinarian believes she has cancer, although no tests were conducted at 15 to confirm this. Shortly after her recent visit to […]

Trainspotting Analysis

Trainspotting is an adaptation of Irwin Welsh’s novel, created by the film crew of Shallow Grave writer John Hedge, producer Andrew McDonald and director Danny Boyle, giving us unforgettable characters and moments. Ian McGregor plays Renton, a casual heroin addict who can’t decide whether to clean or retreat in the company of his lost friends […]

Review: Broncho

Broncho (pronounced BRON-CHO) is a byproduct of Ryan Lindsay’s solo career. One day, Ryan had the opportunity to record songs for a film project about a fictional punk band. Ryan took the opportunity to enlist the musical services of Jonathon Ford (Sailor Without Marriage, Native Lights), Ben King (Return Division, Hero Factor) and Nathan Price […]

Iggy’s New Toy

After years of dedicated service, I recently realized that it was time to exchange my old trusty cell phone. Despite the ridicule of friends, I saved my big old phone after my phone company provided me with a free upgrade. It always worked reliably, and more importantly, I knew exactly where I was when I […]